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主演:本·麦肯锡 亚当·布罗迪 蕾切尔·比尔森 彼得·盖勒 凯利·罗万 泰特·多诺万 美琳达·克拉克 

更新时间:2019-11-05 10:45:00

简介: Everyone struggles to adjust to life without Marissa. Dealing with her death in the only way he knows how, Ryan has moved out of the Cohen house. When Ryan misses a special dinner, Seth finds him in the wrong part of town and calls Summer for help. Meanwhile, Julie Cooper will do anything to avoid dealing with the loss of Marissa. Kaitlin earns a new pair of boots from Dr Roberts in true Cooper fashion. And Taylor Townsend hides out in the diner and tries to convince her friends that she is in Paris. This DVD release contains all 16 episodes of the Fourth and final series of the OC.Episode GuideThe AvengersThe GringosThe Cold TurkeyThe MetamorphosisThe Sleeping BeautyThe Summer BummerThe Chrismukk-huh?The Earth Girls Are EasyThe My Two DadsThe French ConnectionThe Dream LoverThe Groundhog DayThe Case of the FranksThe Shake UpThe Night MovesThe Ends Not Near, Its Here